2017 Spring FabFitFun Box


Do you have any subscriptions you just can’t live without? I definitely do! I am a big fan of trying all different kinds of subscriptions. The newest one I have tried is FabFitFun! This one is a little different because instead of receiving a special gift from yourself every month, this one comes seasonally.

So far I have received a total of 3 boxes and each one has been amazing! The newest box is for Spring 2017 and has a value of more than $368!! The box came with nine items representing different brands from Dr. Brandt to RealHer and all of them are amazing!

The first item is from the brand Gypsy. You can use it for a blanket or a tapestry. It has a beautiful tie dye design and is a very thin material perfect for almost anything. This is valued at $50.00


The second item is from the brand Milly and it is a zip pouch intended for storing your wet bikini until you get home. I think it is perfect for storing makeup or toiletries, especially perfect for traveling. This is valued at $45.00


The third item is from the brand Dr. Brandt and it is a microdermabrasion age-defying exfoliator. I was a little worried about using this product because I have sensitive skin, however this leaves your skin so soft and luscious. This is valued at $79.00


The fourth item is from the brand Karuna and it is a set of hydrating face masks. This was the most exciting item I saw because many people in my network have been raving about how amazing these products are and let me just say it is not a trend for no reason. These are valued at $28.00

The fifth item is from the brand RealHer and the item is a lip kit including a lip liner, liquid lipstick, and a lip gloss. My box came in the color deep nude. When I first read the color, I was thinking I was probably going to have to gift it to a family member or friend because nudes don’t look the best on me. However, this color was really flattering. The pictures don’t do the packaging much justice on the other hand because the branding is almost engraved in. This is valued at $48.00

The sixth item is from the brand Deborah Lippmann and the item was a set of two nail polishes. The colors I received in my box were “Blue Orchid” and “Like a Virgin.” I love these colors because they are the ideal spring colors. Absolutely gorgeous. These are valued at $19.00


The seventh item is from the brand Briogeo and the item is a roscarco milk reparative leave-in conditioning spray. I was also super excited for this one because lately, my hair has been very dry. This leave in is very nice, but not as conditioning as I was hoping. Still very good though and takes out tangles in a snap. This item is valued at $20.00


And the eighth item in my box was from the brand Emerald DUV and the item is a Cage Bracelet. It came in a beautiful gold color and is a nice statement piece of jewelry to wear out. Valued at $ 80.00, however in your box, you could possibly receive from the brand Luv AJ instead and get the item of diamond kite crawler earrings valued at $85.00

Special promo item in the box too for a ninth item!! From the brand Nature’s Bounty is the item hair, skin, and nails gummies in the flavor of strawberries! This was another item I was curious about trying, but now have the opportunity of doing so. They are delicious and will hopefully improve my hair, skin, and nails by the time I get to the end of the bottle. Depending on the outlet you purchase these, they are valued at $8-15.00


So there you have it! All the items in the Spring 2017 Box!


This was an amazing box and I can’t wait to continue using these products until the next box comes in the mail for summer!!

Do you have a FabFitFun subscription?? What did you think of this season’s box? Let me know in the comments below!


Allison Leider

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