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Withdrawals? Listening to Disney music non-stop, watching Disney movies more often than usual, checking wait times for rides, etc. We have all been there, I’m sure of it. Who doesn’t love visiting the happiest place on earth? And when you are not there, then other measures have got to be in place.

Once you get there though, the following is reserved for my favorite tips to others who are planning a trip to Disneyland:

Disneyland App

Before you even get to Disneyland, download the official Disneyland app! You can even buy your park tickets on this app if you still need to get them! It also has the maps of the parks, wait times, restaurants, characters, shops, restrooms, and pretty much anything you need to help you make the best of your day!

Show Up Early!

First things first and I cannot emphasize this enough! Or if you are staying at a Disney Hotel, then you even get an early magic hour! Use it! You will for sure be able to optimize your time for rides and strategically be able to plan out your day just by getting up a little earlier. Plus, who doesn’t want to wake up early when you have a magical day ahead?!

Fast Passes

This ties along with getting to the park early. As soon as you enter the park, get your fast passes! If you plan on heading to California Adventure’s, make sure to get your Radiator Springs Racers fast pass first! These go by super quick (sometimes out before noon)! As for Disneyland, I would suggest Indiana Jones or Space Mountain first!

Fast Past App

There is also a really nifty app called “Pass It Forward.” This is where many generous users will put up their unused fast passes up for someone to claim. You can set the notifications on for each of the rides you are interested in and when an alert goes off just comment that you are interested and meet the user to claim them. Super helpful!

Top Restaurants/Food Places I Prefer:

I know a lot of people have their preferences on how to plan their meals for the day. Some like to bring their own food and pack it in their backpack, bring a cooler and just go back to the car for lunch, head out to Downtown Disney (hint: your annual pass discount works here), head to one of the hotel restaurants, or even go offsite to grab lunch for a cheaper price. However, I strongly suggest if you are planning to eat in the park, here are my favorites:

Blue Bayou – I love the pan seared salmon! However, they do change the recipe seasonally and I love the Spring version better than the Fall.  If you are vegetarian though, the Portobello mushroom and Louisiana popcorn rice are delicious as well! If these options don’t fancy you, then take a look at the menu in advance. I am sure there is something delectable you will love! Hint: if you do plan to go here, make a reservation in advance! The reservations open up 60 days in advance!

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta – I love the five cheese ravioli and the Caesar salad.

Dole Whip – Everyone talks about how heavenly this dessert item is and they are completely right! The line is always super long though, but there are two lines! There is a hidden line on the side nearest the Tiki Room. Make sure you go in that line!

In regards to eating times, it is definitely best to eat a little early or later than lunchtime to avoid the busiest times!

Top 3 Favorite Rides:

  1. Toy Story Mania in California Adventure’s
  2. Haunted Mansion in Disneyland
  3. Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland

Best Place to Watch Fireworks  

Right in front of the castle! Try and get as close as possible. Take a blanket and maybe even have someone get there early to save a spot. Disney does a wonderful display on the castle and you will have a good view of Tinkerbell starting the fireworks as well.

Best Place to Watch Parades

Usually, there is a showtime for the parade around the same time as the fireworks, so your spot in front of the castle works as a double whammy.

Disney Annual Pass Holders Facebook Group

This is a bonus for those of you who are annual pass holders or even just Disney enthusiasts. Check out the Disney Annual Pass Holders Facebook Group for lots of really cool Disney content! It is a closed Facebook Group so you do have to request and be accepted. However, members are constantly posting about little Disney-esque items they find in their everyday life, tips on how to get through the park, how busy the park is, if a celebrity is in the park, trending Disney news, etc! It literally is so cool to interact with people who are just as crazy about Disney as you are. If you do post, everyone is so nice and supportive. I strongly recommend joining!

That’s it! some of my top Disneyland tips! Do you have some I haven’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to know!


Allison Leider

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